Fashion and comics collide: Bringing my DC POWER dresses to life!

DC’s Top Model:

Last year, I was asked to design and illustrate garments for a DC POWER wrap-around cover, which is like DC’s very own Met Gala celebrating Black History Month. I was given an opportunity to combine my love of fashion with comics, so this project was really fun.

DC power illustration by Sozomaika!

From Vision to Vogue:

The coolest dream came true when my cover art made its debut: fashion designer Sasha Williams AKA Safashe recreated one of my dresses in real life.

Nubia illustration by Sozomaika with a dress inspired by her design created by Sasha
Nubia dress brought to life by Sasha Williams
I was so impressed by how Sasha translated my cross hatching into the corset portion of the dress by cutting the gold paper into thin strips. That was such a clever way to translate an illustration into a fully realized dress.
Bumblebee illustration by Sozomaika with a dress inspired by her design created by Sasha
I loved the way Sasha constructed Nubia’s dress so much that I requested her to recreate Bumblebee’s as her next one (BB was my favorite design to work on) and she worked her magic!
Bumblebee dress brought to life by Sasha Williams
Trust the process:
While these aren’t human sized dresses (the designs were recreated on a half-sized mannequin), I think it would be so cool to make these into wearable fashion some day. Seeing someone wear a garment I designed is a dream of mine! I would love to collaborate with Sasha again to make more of my designs come to life! Do you have a favorite of all my DC Power fashion designs?

More about Safashe:
In March 2013, Williams earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Fashion Design from the University of Savannah Art and Design. She utilized unconventional materials like rubber, feathers, mesh wire, and metallic fabrics, employing fabric manipulation techniques to redefine silhouettes.
After graduating, Sasha launched her career as an independent designer under the label Safash’e, making a mark in the urban underground fashion scene. Her work was featured in various Atlanta-based fashion shows, gaining popularity in the fashion community. In 2018, her notable creations graced the runway of New York Fashion Week. Her achievements also led to a showcase of her talents on NBC 12 local News in 2020. Sasha is recognized for her skillful blend of structured style lines and vibrant pops of color.
Portrait of Sasha Williams