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How Selina Kyle stole the Tiffany Yellow Diamond

How Selina Kyle stole the Tiffany Yellow Diamond
When I was painting the Catwoman #45 cover for DC, I wanted to feature an iconic piece of jewelry which reflects Catwoman’s impeccable tastes. What could be more fitting than the world-renowned Tiffany Yellow Diamond.
The Tiffany Yellow Diamond, photo by Adam Fagen, 2016.
(The Tiffany Yellow Diamond, photo by Adam Fagen, 2016.)
Never heard of her? Time for a quick history lesson so that Catwoman won’t be disappointed in you. The Tiffany Yellow Diamond is a 128.54-carat yellow diamond and one of the largest yellow diamonds ever discovered. It was mined in 1877 in South Africa, purchased by Charles Tiffany, and studied by his gemologist, George Frederick Kunz, for a full year before cutting it. The piece drew a huge crowd to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair as the biggest diamond of the time. But a piece like this doesn’t stay locked away in a museum forever, or so Catwoman would tell you after she’s stolen it for her collection.
Audrey in Red by Sozomaika
There have only been four women to ever wear this diamond: Mary Whitehouse during the 1957 Tiffany Ball, Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 photoshoot for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Lady Gaga for the 91st Academy Awards in 2019, and, most recently, Beyoncé for a 2021 Tiffany campaign. Now Selina Kyle is the fifth- and the most glamorous, in my opinion. 
This luxurious and timeless piece of jewelry needed to be painted with as much care as it has seen throughout history. So I set out to create a tool to serve as a functional and beautiful way to paint diamond jewelry. First, I painted a variety of kinds of diamonds and then added bright fragments into each one. Next, I converted those into a pattern so they could be used as a necklace string. For the final touches, I added a stroke layer in Photoshop. I often utilize Clip Studio Paint to make my brushes since it is one of the best tools for creating repeating patterns. After my brush was complete and the necklace was placed to my liking, I took the piece back into Photoshop and continued with my work. 
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